Monday, May 21, 2012

Photos of a Graduation

Well, commencement has come and gone.  I don't have a whole lot to say yet, as not much has happened outside of the ceremonies.  So, I'll let my photos speak for themselves:

These two are perhaps the best folks a person could meet up with if one was having a bad day.  While we jokingly call each other "not so kind" names......these two girls are awesome.

We are the senior trombones.  I was blessed when I get to play next to these three.  They're all excellent musicians and individuals in their own ways.  We have easily spent into the hundreds of hours together at rehearsals and traveling.  It's hard not to enjoy someone after that much time together.

This is the CIVITAS class of 2012.  Civitas is the honors program.  We're the second class to graduate from it. 

Ah, mah friends.  These two girls were the first ones to befriend me at Augustana and we've kept in touch ever since.  On the left you can see how we were 3 years ago compared to the girls we are now on the right.  Okay, to be honest, we're still giant goof-balls, the gowns and mortarboards just make us look exceptionally intelligent.

Oh Augustana, it's been fun (sometimes).  I will always have both fond and fearsome memories of you.  But the greatest things are the opportunities that are presented to me now, as a graduate.  So of course I'll remember the past and everything I learned....but I look so forward to the future.

Until then...

(I apologize for the not very interesting entry....I'll make it up by having some awesome links at the bottom from now on)

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