Friday, May 17, 2013

Tap Roots

A Professor from college wrote a blog post about how important it is for people to put down "tap roots" in a place. And, for the most part, a lot of it stuck with me.

Which is saying something, I read a lot of blogs. I love learning from other people's thoughts.

I digress, what I mean to say is that I feel like I'm starting to put taproots down in Bozo.  It's taken a long while, but I think that can be attributed to working a full time job that seems to have a full time job attached to it just to prepare properly.  In that situation, it's really hard to go out and get to know people.  But I'm finally doing it.

I'm starting a new job tomorrow at a place called The Wild Crumb.  It reminds me of my favorite bakery in Sioux Falls.  I'm delighted to be offerred to work for them as I think the opportunity to work around customers in a bakery setting will let me get to know more people just through regular exposure.

It's also nice to pull a paycheck besides the regular one.  I'm not money grubbing, but I am a food lover who really hates having to budget the quality of food I can buy.  It's also nice to save for things that I've been wanting to get/do for a long time *cough*graduate school*cough*Iceland*cough*tattoo*cough*.

I also feel like I've developed a sense of consistency and permanence at Monforton.  The kiddos know that I will be back next year (yes!) and they seem generally pleased about it.  It's really nice when a parent comes up to you and says, "We were talking about you this morning and "Bob" said that he really hoped you stayed, since it seems like they get new music teachers every year. "Bobbette" agreed and said that music teachers always seem to get pregnant."

Fear not "Bob" and "Bobbette"....that world isn't even on my radar.

Finally, I've joined a softball team! (Thanks to friends Smai and Jake)  We're called "The Swingin' Pulaskis Too" and it's through Montana Conservation Corps.  So, even though I don't work for them, I get to meet a lot of great people that probably feel the same way about things as I do.  I know it's not good to surround yourself with similarity, but it's nice to surround myself with people that I feel are really open-minded and welcoming.

We were supposed to have our first game tonight, but it got rained out.  Next week!

Anyway, I'm making contacts.  The end of school is in sight, which is causing craziness right now, but looking around at all of the other teachers I can tell we're all thinking "the end is near, just push it"!

Anyway, I am content....I am beyond content, I am very happy.

Oh, and I love the new condo. It's such a seemingly perfect fit for me. Now just to finish painting and build myself a raised garden bed for the patio.

Oh, and I'm thinking about getting a hammock too. I mean, what's relaxing without a hammock? :)  I'm super pumped to just lean back into the hammock in the summer with a good book and my dog next to me.  And then, after some reading, look out and see Hyalite Canyon.

Life, I am so lucky. What on Earth did I do to deserve this?