Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Masters of My Hometown

This post will not be about anything deep or though provoking. Nay, this is a post of gratitude. I know many of my friends who left my hometown merely because they thought there wasn't anything to do (and thus opted for a state school in an even smaller town, that truly has less to do). I cannot help but giggle when I look back on last year with my friends and all of the stuff we found to do. Whether it was leaving our marks on stop signs (anyone recall the Berg loop stop sign 4th quarter? You're quite welcome for the smile :) ) or finding elusive places like Pumpkincenter, there certainly is plenty to do here- you merely have to actually look for it.

My personal favourite of a gem? The Honeymaster. Just 20 minutes outside of town there is a teenie tiny little place where a man "grows" his own honey (if you will). This honey is not only delicious, but you know that, in purchasing it, you're supporting a local farmer. The best part? You never actually talk to the Honeymaster - there is always a descreet distance betwixt the two parties. Here is how it works. When arriving at the Honeymaster's land, you pull just up to the very front of the driveway. From there you peer to your left and espy a refrigerating system wherein he keeps all his jars of honey. On the top of each jar is a recommended price, BUT he believes in the honour system, so of course you may pay more or less. You simply take some honey, leave the cash in a little container he has in there for it, and are on your way.

(HINT: Always eat the honey with Farmer's Market bread. If that's not available, try some of the Breadsmith's OR make your own. Never, ever eat it with store bought bread as, for some reason, the experience has a grand effect on taste.)

Today I had the great fortune of finding another "Master" (and for some reason, I was just reminded of Pokemon...ahh the glory days). However, this Master is not nearly so far out of town. In fact, this master lives apx 2 1/2 blocks away from the college campus. I entitle him "The BikeMaster". Why is he the bike master? Because he enables poor college students to purchase bikes that will get them around town for $20-$129 dollars. I am the proud owner of a redone Roadmaster ten speed for the lowest price, $20. The bike has that wonderful old school feel about it. Curved handlebars with the grip slightly coming off, the middle of the handlebars gear adjusters, bright red frame, everything a good college bike should be. The only thing I'm going to change on it is the addition of a cargo box so I can carry books and whatnot to class/work/etc. All students looking for a bike should go and at least talk to this man. Not only is he a fair salesman, but he is a great guy to talk to. Think "Grandfatherly" type. He actually encourages people to ride the bikes a few blocks each time. When I told him that I'd be back to pick up the bike (after paying for it) he asked me why I wasn't riding it home. He seemed more than a little disappointed. (Even though I have to work and when I get done it'll be around 11pm, oh and I don't have my helmet).

So yes. The goal for my next year in college?
Continue to find the hidden Masters around town.
Do you know of any?

Monday, August 24, 2009

A revelation blog

I've been racking my mind, trying to figure out what of relevance I could put on here. I don't want this to turn into another one of the blogs where all people do is talk about their day, no no no, I want this to be a revelation blog, if you will.

And then I realized that I'm starting back up at Augie in a few short weeks. With that, I can happily be reassured that I'm going to be mentally pushing myself to accepting new ideas, forming new theories, and of course becoming a more wholesome person in the process.

This seems as though it will have a ton of possibilities. Unfortunately many people will probably have already come across the ideas that I'll be confronted with, and so for you I ask you to bear with me. I'm still growing.

And with that I leave you. Whenever something that makes me sit back and go "Oh my" occurs, I'll script it in my Moleskein and possibly transfer into here later after having time to ferment it through the grey stuff in my skull.