Thursday, May 17, 2012

I'm a Teacher! (Almost)

My undergraduate career is finally coming to a close. Well, almost finally coming to a close.  I have one honour's project left to do this summer and then I will be officially done.  The trickiest part of all of this is that I yet have a job.  However, from my understanding, teaching hiring goes all the way into summer and right up to the next no worries?

Okay, small worries. But nothing to get upset about.

Yesterday, I was talking with Mitch at Queen City Bakery  about a few of the states that I have applied to work in.  While he definitely is staunch in his opinion on some states, and while I might not completely agree with all of his opinions, he did give me an incredible kernel of wisdom,

"You don't know how good your first job is going to be;  how much you're going to enjoy it.  The best thing you can do is make sure that you're in an area that you love living in when you're not working."

While it saddens me to think that I may not find the "job of my dreams" on the first go-around, he made a good point.  I've lived in the Upper Midwest my entire life.  It's beautiful here. The people are kind and hard-working (most of the time).  But it is time for me to approach life from a new angle, and why not start right away?  Thus, I have applications ranging from Oregon to Maine...but the main operative is to land in an area that is slightly mountainous (to very mountainous) with a lot of outdoor opportunities as well.

So, that's currently on the radar.

Also, after wanting a dog for approximately 10+ years, I finally have the time and location to have one.  With the coming of graduation I have moved into the upper level of a house.
Thus, meet Koda.

I adopted him from the Humane Society.  He is part Weimaraner, part Australian Shepherd.

He had a ridiculously rough start, thus has been sleeping a lot.   With the help of a great veterinarian friend, he is on the fast-track to getting better though.  We hope that, within a week, we will be able to do walks and other exciting outdoor activities with him.

Alas, it is time for me to go explore the world of cleaning out the dormitory.  I hope to do regular updates (perhaps every Thursday and Monday) incorporating daily life, coffee, recipes, and arranging/composing works in progress.


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