Sunday, December 2, 2012


I love this blog because I can literally write almost whatever I want and if you want to read it, you will, and if you don't, you won't.  I mean, I know that's how it is with all blogs, but this one I don't really care how many views I get. I appreciate them - but I'm not trying to make anything big out of it.  Not quite the same as Hike the Crown.

I learned a lot of good lessons yesterday, but the biggest takeaway lesson was on struggle.  I hate struggling.  I don't like not being proficient or better at things.  I also know that I need to change that.  Everyone struggles, and a lot of the time it's the people that have struggled the most significantly that have the best perspective.

Yesterday, I struggled.
Cross Country Skiing kind of struggled.

You see, coming from the Upper Great Plains, I'm used to in my mind...there wasn't really a trick to cross country skiing because it was flat.

I tried XC yesterday on hills. Not as easy.
Going up was fine. It was a challenge to synchronize movements, but once that was big.

Going downhill, however, was a tricky trick.  I fell probably about 10-12 times in a matter of 2 miles.  That definitely takes the ego out of a girl.  (Something that is good for me, I think).

The process of falling and getting up also taught me a lot about myself.  I get angry pretty quickly after a few failures.  I think by about the fourth fall I yelled at Nathan "I'm not having FUN anymore."
But, I had to get back up...I mean, how else would I get down. And I'll be darned if I let a few pieces of wood strapped to my feet beat me.  So I got up, and by the end I could go down slight turns and slight hills without falling.

But, jeez, the bruise on my knee from one biff reminds me of the struggle it took to get there.  It's good, though, to struggle.  It makes the hot chocolate at the end so much more worth it. :)


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