Monday, March 11, 2013

An Unnecessary Update

I'm at home.

I love being at home.

I love feeling comfortable saying that I have two homes.

At my Bozo home, I'm mostly anonymous.  I can hide away in a coffee shop and not worry about running into people and talking.  I can make meals when I want and how I want.  I have a few close friends and a job that I can pursue passionately.

At my SuFu home, I can choose locations based on the desired level of anonymity.  My Mom makes dinner as a special treat for me whilst I'm home, and they're always delicious.  I get to see friends that I've been missing, most often the scenario plays out like I've never left....which I love.

As I sit in a big, comfortable recliner and look out the sliding glass door to my parents' beautiful yard.  As I watch my dog nap in the sunlight after a full day of playing and getting muddy at the dog park.  As I giggle when my Dad's snore wakes both him and my dog up.
As all of these things happen - I feel so blessed and lucky.

So many changes have happened within the past 2 weeks, and I wasn't sure if they were the right choices and changes at the time,
but upon reflection and pulling myself away from the situations,
upon examining them externally,
I am happy with them.

Within a month I will live in a condo that I will be paying off.
My own place.
Within a few months, the herbs and vegetables I have planted will begin to sprout and produce vegetables.
Within those same few months, I can start getting on the bike again and hopefully begin biking to work.

The future is bright. I am so lucky.

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  1. I am so glad to hear how happy you are feeling. :) Yay for being home! And for making good decisions!